Jenny Mollen, I Like You Just the Way I Am

I Like You Just the Way I Am

Stories About Me and Some Other People

By the actress, writer, and one of the funniest women on Twitter, an outrageous, hysterical memoir of acting on impulse, plotting elaborate hoaxes, and refusing to acknowledge boundaries in any form.

Hi, I’m Jenny Mollen, an actress and writer living in Los Angeles. I’m also a wife, married to someone more famous than me, which is especially annoying because all the free clothing he gets never come in a size small.

This is my book, an assortment of stories about not doing the right thing. Yes, it’s about me. But it’s also about women, who all come in two types: those that are totally batshit crazy, and those that are liars. It’s a book about acting on impulses, plotting elaborate hoaxes, and refusing to acknowledge boundaries in any form. Like hiding in the trunk of a car to get a look at the girl who used to fuck my husband. Or pretending to have a seizure on a red-eye to New York in order to explain why my dog is balls-deep in a bag of Pirates’ Booty burrowed in the lap of a sleeping child.

Life is too short for bullshit. I’m 33 and my tits drop half an inch a year. Someday very soon, ladies, you and I are going to be whatever fetish comes after “cougar,” unable to wear shirts without sleeves, and full of cell phone cancer. It is our obligation to be honest with ourselves about who we really are and what we really want. Which more often than not is someone else’s email password.

So let’s embrace it. I Like You Just the Way I Am is a book about taking the high road―as long as it intersects with the train tracks my ex-boyfriend is tied to.

Deadline Hollywood
Sony TV Options Jenny Mollen’s Memoir I Like You Just The Way I Am

EXCLUSIVE: Jenny Mollen (Angel, Crazy. Stupid. Love., Wilfred, Girls) has inked an option sale on her recently released memoir I Like You Just The Way In Am, which Sony TV nabbed in a competitive situation. Mollen will adapt and star in the series, based on her tome about life as an actress and best-selling author (not to mention Twitter celeb and wife of Jason Biggs). She’ll also executive produce alongside Jamie Tarses (Happy Endings, Franklin & Bash, Marry Me) and Karen Kehela Sherwood (A Beautiful Mind, Tower Heist, The Good Lie). Read more…


“Jenny puts into words those thoughts you’re ashamed to admit to your therapist, your dog, or even yourself. This outrageous book will have you laughing out loud and thanking god you aren’t her husband.”

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Uganda Be Kidding Me

“In a town full of phonies, Jenny Mollen is the genuine article. With true candor and a biting sense of humor, she bravely lays her secrets bare in a memoir that’s compulsively readable, undeniably smart, and breathtakingly funny. Take note, everyone, because Jenny Mollen is about to become the Next Big Thing!”

New York Times bestselling author of Bitter is the New Black

“Honest, hilarious, and a book I would highly recommend hiding from your daughter.”

New York Times bestselling author of Dad Is Fat

“The wild, wonderful Jenny Biggs unleashes her life story with a raw, funny new voice. This book leaves you laughing, squirming, and turning page after page with much anticipation and occasional fear of where Jenny will take you next. Proof that life is often stranger and always funnier than fiction.”

New York Times bestselling author of Orange Is The New Black

“Jenny Mollen is basically telling women that it’s okay to be crazy and to embrace their jealousy, paranoia and rage. This book is so funny—you’ll laugh your ass off. I only hope my girlfriend doesn’t read it.”

Author of I Only Roast the Ones I Love

“You know when a friend tells you what they almost did, but came to their senses and didn’t? Well, Jenny Mollen does it with gusto, and I can’t get enough! You’ll never believe how badly you’ll want to meet her after reading her hilarious book.”

Author of I Don’t Know What You Know Me From

“Yikes and wow. You will be horrified. You will be entertained. What you’ll never be, as you read Jenny Mollen’s memoir, is bored.”

New York Times bestselling author of Zombie Spaceship Wasteland

“Jenny’s type of fucked up is the kind I want to squish up and put in my bag and keep with me all the time—and now I can. Thanks, America.”

New York Times bestselling author of Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar

“Filth. If you like your ladies hot and your filth filthy, this is the book for you. Jenny is bitchy and body-obsessed, husband-obsessed, self-aggrandizing, and always amazing.”

New York Times bestselling author of You’re Not Doing It Right

“Jenny tells her stories with such raw honesty that even when she’s behaving badly, you’ll root for her. Also, you’ll laugh your ass off. After reading this, I want to be her best friend but also I’m scared of her.”

New York Times bestselling author of Life As I Blow It

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